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XpertJet 661UF

The XpertJet 661UF is a 19x23.3 flatbed Printer for ADA, Awards and Trophies

  • 19X23.30 6 color printer for printing on rigid material. CMYK + White and Varnish

  • Amazing image quality and the ability to print certified ADA braille signs with a vacuum table to hold materials down.

  • Print on heights up to 5.93"

  • One year warranty

XpertJet 661UF



XpertJet 661UF

Standard Functions

Print outstanding images on untreatd materials

Warm up time

No warmup time


Prints on flat materials


Up to 70 sqft/h

Output size

Printable area 19X23.30

Print resolution

Depends on resolution

Print controller

Vertelith raster image processor running on a PC

XpertJet 661UF
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