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IT managed services and support tailored to your business’ needs. We offer a range of fully customizable plans that deliver varying levels of business-critical support.

Full Service is our all-inclusive offering. We assume the role of your company’s full or partial IT department, providing automation and tools as well as issue resolution and end user support.

Shared Service allows you to share IT responsibilities with us. MRC provides monitoring and preventative maintenance, while issue resolution can either be handled by your IT team or ours.

Custom Service plans can also be designed for your unique IT needs. Our professionals will work with your internal stakeholders to define an a la carte plan designed specifically to serve your organizational requirements.

Reliable data backup to ensure business continuity. Developing and maintaining a consistent, reliable data backup function remains a challenge for organizations of all sizes, leaving them vulnerable to failure in disaster recovery or business continuity scenarios. Full Service 360 Data Protection services can provide the assurance you need.

When it comes to data backup requirements, each organization has unique operational processes. You need a solution right-sized for your organization to help you minimize risk. Our Data Protection services include:

A back-up solution that stores your data locally for quick recovery as well as a copy offsite to ensure that you are a prepared in case of critical data loss.
Highly skilled, certified security specialists to augment your staff.
Immediate error investigation and resolution.
Periodic test restores to ensure everything is working as expected.
Brick-level Microsoft Exchange backup support.
An agentless backup model, meaning you do not need to have backup agents installed on your servers.
De-duplication and data encryption for each offsite backup, ensuring all data sent to the cloud is secure.


Full Service. A comprehensive, fully managed and highly flexible data protection solution.

When it comes to IT support, one size definitely does not fit all. You have one-of-a-kind operational needs and a unique make up of internal skill sets. Full Service 360 infrastructure monitoring, management and end user helpdesk services give organizations a highly flexible remote IT solution that delivers as little or as much support as needed.


As part of our End User and Infrastructure Support, we pay attention to key elements of your IT environment to identify small issues before they become large problems, saving you significant time and money. Our Remote Operations Center (ROC) technicians:

Remotely monitor all of your critical network systems, including servers, applications, network devices and workstations.
Watch for alerts, abnormalities or changes in device status.
Monitor key, platform-specific variables that are critical to assessing your IT infrastructure’s health.
Alert your internal staff or handle the problem ourselves when a problem is detected. Your choice.
Apply application and operating system updates, install security fixes and ensure old user accounts are properly disabled.
Check patch levels, patch applications, perform upgrades, provide hands-on configuration and performance reviews, and review error logs.

Provide a web portal that enables your staff to view ticket status, infrastructure status and escalate issues to MRC for additional support.


The following plans can be mixed, matched and customized to meet your specific needs.

Full Service. We combine the power of our monitoring and management services with a full range of remote/onsite technical and end user support services to keep your IT infrastructure running and your employees productive at all times.

Shared Service. Our ROC technicians monitor your infrastructure, perform routine preventative maintenance and manage issues or potential problems at your request.

Greater agility while doing more with less. Cloud computing removes the barriers of infrastructures that are difficult and costly to change, giving businesses the technical tools needed to become more agile. Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Hosted Private Cloud solution features a private and secure cloud infrastructure delivering the scalability and flexibility of cloud computing combined with the benefits of dedicated hardware.


Unlike a public or shared cloud environment, our Hosted Private Cloud solution enables organizations to drive innovation and agility, while increasing application efficiency, enhancing security and meeting your critical compliance requirements (such as PCI, HIPAA or SOX). Our Hosted Private Cloud provides dedicated secure infrastructure, dedicated computing, bandwidth and utility storage.

Certified secure – six Global SSAE 16 SOC 1 Type 2 Data Centers in production powered completely by VMware vCloud.
Industry leading – first and fastest growing VMware vCloud powered service provider.
Highest performance – revolutionary storage providing up to 100,000 IOPS to a single virtual machine. Entire solution built from the ground up for the highest performance possible.
Commitment driven – included 99.999% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for compute, storage and connectivity.
Flexible and robust – privatized networking, including no limit on internal networks or VLANs, patent pending Layer 2 interconnects to create one global cloud network, blended internet across all Tier 1 and Tier 2 providers.
Cost effective – no per-use fees, including no bandwidth fees or caps, no inbound/outbound fees and unlimited virtual machines.


Custom Service. We break the IaaS model into three separate categories—compute, storage and connectivity—then identify the requirements in each of these areas to develop a customized quote for your business.

The internet is like the Wild West – lawless and hard to control. Every website your employees visit, or file they download, is an opportunity for a virus to enter and infect your network. Viruses disrupt productivity, they are hard to kill and they shut down your daily operations.


Ensuring your anti-virus and anti-spyware software are running and updating properly is a fundamental requirement to prevent downtime. Our Managed Security services include:

Integrated web content filtering, application blocking and malware protection on devices you already own, or in our Hardware-as-a-Service (HaaS) model.
Enforcement of usage policies by blocking access to websites and internet applications that are not related to business, based on domain, URL pattern or content category.
Blocking of applications that access the internet, including IM, music services and software update utilities.
Filtering all incoming web traffic, virtually eliminating threats before they arrive, keeping your network safe from malicious attacks.
Scanning internet email and other outbound web traffic to prevent loss of confidential data.
Enhanced endpoint security by identification and remediation of vulnerabilities across end nodes.


Full Service. Ensure your network infrastructure is secure and performing optimally at all times. Your secure network will perform in a reliable, scalable fashion. You will minimize costly performance bottlenecks and system downtime, your end users will remain productive and you will save substantially on your IT support costs. We will:

Enforce compliance with company security policies across desktops, laptops and other devices, reducing the risk of malware, spyware and viruses.
Manage your solution (Microsoft Defender, Symantec, MacAfee, etc.) as part of a regular maintenance schedule.
Quarantine compromised devices to prevent infection of the entire network.
Watch for alerts, abnormalities or changes in your system’s security.

Eliminate communication barriers by taking your Microsoft Office solutions to the cloud. Email and document sharing is a critical part of your daily work, but the associated capital expenditures and IT management headaches can take time and resources away from other critical business operations. Full Service 360 can provide the cloud-based expertise you need at a more affordable price point. Your end users get all the productivity benefits of Microsoft Office along with the power of cloud services and MRC support.


By moving to the cloud, you will simplify your IT infrastructure and reduce costs by eliminating costly hardware purchases, software licensing and product maintenance fees. Our Messaging & Collaboration service offerings include:

Microsoft Office Professional Plus via the cloud to access and share documents.
Microsoft Exchange Online to manage email, calendar and contacts.
Microsoft SharePoint Online to share documents and collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers.
Microsoft Outlook, including email, calendars, contacts and tasks, on PC or Mac workstations as well as Outlook Web App (OWA) access.
Daily maintenance, including user add/remove, technical support, administration and upgrades.
Maximum uptime so your employees stay productive and business operations continue without interruption, minimizing the risk of service interruptions due to server outages or natural disaster.
Highly skilled, Microsoft-certified technicians.


Full Service. We partner with Microsoft to deliver our Messaging and Collaboration services through their Office 365 offering. You simply pay a small monthly fee for each user according to the plan you need.

Full Exchange functionality through Exchange Online, including a generous 25 GB mailbox per user.
Outlook synchronization to a wide variety of handheld devices, allowing users to access email anywhere, anytime.
Exchange migration and long-term email archiving to provide a comprehensive email management approach.
Compliance archiving and legal hold options.