Customer Service

The CARES Program at MRC stands for; Customers Always Receive Exceptional Service and is a four pillar approach to satisfying our customers.

The four pillars are as follows:

  • The 1-4-24 Promise
    • Every customer receives a call back within 1 hour of placing a call
    • We will respond within 4 hours
    • We will resolve the problem within 24 hours
  • Executive of the Day
    • There will be an Executive of the Day on duty to handle problems on the spot. They will be accountable for handling any customer issues and empowered to make decisions that resolve the issues at hand.
  • printCARE
    • We CARE about You, Your Business and Your Bottom Line.
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • We will ask customers to fill out a short survey after every service call and shipment.
    • MRC’s goal is that every customer is totally satisfied.