How many hours have you spent trying to get your new laptop connected to your multi-function printer (MFP) only to spend 30-seconds getting a print job done? This time-consuming activity of searching how to connect your MFP to each of your other devices (mobile phone, PC, laptop, etc.) haunts multiple departments. It is time to stop wasting time attempting to connect each of your devices to your MFP. With the new Xerox Quick Link Application for MFP’s, you can connect all of your devices in an instant, helping them to play nice and helping your employees to increase productivity.

Before Quick Link App:

A traditional printer setup can take hours. The image below depicts the step by step time-consuming process to search and then search again for the printer, the print driver, the device and more. This four-step process is really about 20 steps when you count the endless research required.


After Quick Link App:

Xerox’s Quick Link application eliminates any confusion associated with the complicated printer to devices setup. With three easy steps your connected and printing, freeing up both IT’s time and the printer. The Quick Link App gives you the ability to quickly connect your MFP to all of your devices. With a simple email or QR code scan, your laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device is connected and ready to print.



The headache that comes with MFP setup is gone. Allow your printer to be more available, your IT team to have fewer issues to handle, and your employee productivity to skyrocket. Are you ready to say goodbye to working hard to find and connect to your printers? It’s time you let an app enable your printer to find and connect with you.

To learn more about Xerox Connect Applications, which MFP’s are supported, and how to make the most out of your office environment please contact MRC Smart Technology Solutions today.