As employers and employees, we often ask ourselves, how do we increase productivity in the workplace? Let’s take a look at the typical office environment: chairs, staff lounge, standing desks, printers, mail rooms, and more.  The office environment consists of a multitude of different types of printers and their functions all existing to foster employee engagement and encourage them to be more productive. Have you considered how buying a new printer or multifunction device can contribute to making an office run more efficiently? We’ve put together a complete guide on how some key features on your printer or multifunction device can increase efficiency and office productivity!

#1 Cloud Connectivity

Printers and multifunction devices have gone beyond their traditional uses with the capability to connect to cloud-based tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. This connection enables users to go up to any device and print directly from the cloud without ever having to touch their laptop, computer, or mobile device. Users are also able to scan directly into the cloud service with the same ease.   

#2 Apps

Workflow enhancing applications have become a common feature for most printers and multifunction devices. For example:

  • Converting documents into audio files that can be listened to anywhere
  • Translating documents into different languages
  • Saving documents directly into shared folders on services such as Blackboard and Xerox Proofreader 
  • Saving to and printing from multiple cloud-based services (as noted above)
  • Scan data directly into CRM systems like Salesforce 
  • Transforming printed documents into digital formats that you can easily edit in Word® or Excel® instantly
  • Automatically redact sensitive information when making copies

Most applications are designed to help reduce unnecessary and time-consuming steps to simple and efficient processes containing as little as 1 or 2 steps.

#3 Controllable Print Environment

Getting connected to your office printer or multifunction device has never been easier for your day to day life. Devices can now act as a central hub for your entire office through simple mapping connectivity. With all access, control, and tracking being done through one network you can be assured your employees are not facing down time due to lack of ability to connect easily to their nearest printer. This introduces further benefits than just increased work efficiency, you will also see higher security rates and lowered printing costs.

#4 Mobile Printing

Connecting your mobile devices to your printer or multifunction device grants you the ability to print anytime and anywhere. Have a colleague in the office that needs to review a document for you while you’re in the field – simply print from your mobile phone straight to their most convenient printer. This simple feature introduces the idea of easily printing on demand anywhere and at any time.

#5 Touch Screen Interface

While touch screens may not be a new feature to most office printers, they are one that is ever evolving, coming to look and function more and more similarly to the everyday devices consumers use such as their smartphone or tablet. With this familiar touchscreen display anyone can walk up to a device and understand how the screen works, eliminating the need for people to be trained on specific devices. The familiarity further increases the speed at which an employee can start to understand the machine’s function they are trying to perform which can decrease previous downtimes spent learning and understanding the device. 

While thinking about how to increase productivity in the workplace is commonly top of mind for business leaders, we often find that printers or multifunction devices are overlooked. The devices of the past are no longer. Printer technology and multifunction devices of today can come equipped with so many features, some of the most prominent discussed above, to help make an office run more efficiently and improve productivity. To learn more about workflow enhancing features and how the Xerox product line assists with every one of the points listed above, contact us today!

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