If you want to be more actively involved in the management of your office devices, you need to check out our customer portal. It’s a convenient, secure way to access all of your printer and copier information!

Here are 4 of its most useful tools!

1. Online payments – stop mailing checks or waiting on hold, through the online portal you can easily make your payments. Payment by credit card or ACH is accepted. This process makes payments easier and helps your company take a step towards being a greener office space by reducing physical paper invoices. Through the online portal, your past and current invoices are readily available at your fingertips!
2. Place service calls – does your copier or printer need servicing? Quickly request service online and track it just like a purchase you made from Amazon: you’ll see when your request is pending, scheduled, and when a technician is on the way to help you! Our online portal will also show you past service history and notes from our trusted technicians. Having this data available to you 24/7 means you are more aware of how your copiers and printers are functioning. This means your service history is transparent, so you know when it is truly time for an upgrade.
3. Order and track supplies shipments – it’s as easy as shopping online from your favorite stores! Your online portal has each of your machines linked so there is no need for you to search for the machines ID or serial number. Instead, you just click on the printer you need supplies for, choose from your supplies options and submit the order! All tracking information is provided through the portal and you can even repeat orders from the last 30 days to make things easier!

4. Submit meter reads – if you’re tired of emailing or calling in to submit your meter reads, our online portal is your new best friend! With the ability to view submission history you have complete insight into your companies’ actual print usage.