Are you spending countless hours searching for the right document, that seems to always be in the wrong place? Feeling like you have a never-ending stack of papers on your desk, or in your drawer, or in a room full of filing cabinets? This is your life without Document Management Software. Even the most high-tech companies are still using manual and paper-based processes. These heavy paper-based ways of working slow you down, but your life could change, with Xerox DocuShare.

Xerox DocuShare is your next step towards digital transformationDocuShare helps knowledge workers be more efficient every day by focusing on the intersection of people, paper and processes with three document management solutions:

  1. Xerox DocuShare (on-premise)
  2. DocuShare Flex (cloud)
  3. DocuShare Private Cloud (Enterprise)
Here are the top five ways you can increase productivity by adopting a document management workflow:

1. Eliminate Clutter

 2. Version Control of Documents

Throughout a documents life cycle, it will go through many changes. With DocuShare version control feature, all changes are saved, and you can always go back. Whether it be 30 days, 6 months, or 6 years every change made is accessible to help eliminate having to redo something you had done in the past.

3. Quick Search – user-friendly search-function

Find any document in 10 seconds or less. When looking for a document, most people, are hoping it was filed correctly. Instead of spending hours searching through filing cabinets electronic documents can be searched using any keyword, date, time, vendor name, invoice numbers, etc. All you need is one key item related to the document and DocuShare will automatically locate the document.

4. Electronic Routing of Documents

No more “who was the document left with?” questions. For example, when you need a paper-based expense report approved the story usually goes: fill out the document, print it, sign it, put it on your managers desk, hope they don’t lose it, then maybe a week later, after you’ve printed a 2nd or 3rd copy, they sign it.

With electronic routing you can submit your documents electronically, the document will go into the person’s inbox where that person can then approve, disapprove, or provide feedback. The electronic submission also comes with a timer feature that the sender can set, resulting in an automatic follow-up email being sent. Finally, DocuShare tracks every step of the process for security and audit trails.

5. Accessibility – access documents anytime, anywhere

All of your documents can be easily accessed on both desktop and mobile devices, providing access to business content 24/7.


If your organization still relies on hard copies and paper-based processes, you’re probably spending too much time on basic everyday operations. When you consider these five ways electronic document management could help you speed up these processes, there’s a great opportunity to implement efficient procedures that help your company grow.

Connect with us today to learn more about how Xerox and MRC Document Management Solutions could be right for your business.