Zane Curtis

Zane Curtis is the Director of Business Intelligence at MRC, where he oversees Order Processing, IT, Contracts, our 360 Team, and Business Intelligence. Zane has been with MRC for 5 years, starting at MRC as a Sales Trainer. From this position he moved into Database work, then Business Development which led him into his current position.

Zane graduated from Point Loma University and entered the job market in the Hotel/Hospitality industry in LA. After a couple more industry jumps, he found himself at MRC. Zane is happily married and has 2 very cute young girls that he takes on morning beach walks every weekend. When he does get time to himself he enjoys camping, off-roading, and considers himself to be a craft beer enthusiast.

Zane’s expansive industry history has helped shape him into being successful within his current position. He has the perfect skillset to oversee a multitude of departments and constantly focus on improving integral aspects that will overall help our customers. Zane’s career is characterized by his outgoing personality and his drive to constantly improve himself and others.