Raymond Newsome

Ray Newsome Jr is our Director of Service in the San Francisco/Bay Area Region at MRC. Ray joined MRC in 2012, after working for Xerox directly for 23-years. His long duration with Xerox has led him to be a very knowledgeable team member and a great addition to MRC.

Ray graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and pursued 6-years in the military. An interesting fact about Ray is that during his time in the military, he spent 4-years on a Nuclear submarine. In his free time, Ray enjoys bike riding. One of his longtime favorite places to ride is Angel Island. He also enjoys coaching women’s basketball.

Ray has nearly 30 years within the industry and working under Xerox has helped him succeed within his career and be a major asset to both MRC and Xerox. His career is characterized largely by his enthusiasm and constant desire for both personal and professional growth.