Aron Eldridge

Aron Eldridge is the Director of Human Resources at MRC, where he oversees our Human Resources team from every location. Aron has been working at MRC for 7.5 years, going back to 2010 when he started as a Recruiter/HR Assistant. Through his years working at MRC, he has held numerous roles making him one of our most versatile team members.

Aron graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz and then moved to San Diego with his brother. Back when he started Human Resources Department only consisted of 2 people, he now oversees a team of 8. In his free time, Aron like to play hockey, which he also pursued in college. He also enjoys reading both fiction and nonfiction or hiking whenever he gets the opportunity.

Aron’s development within the company has largely come from his exceptional interpersonal skills and as he has grown, he has helped to develop the organization’s Human Resources Department. Today we thank Aron for the incredible ideas he has brought to MRC and look forward to the ways he can continue to make this the best place to work!