Xerox App Integrations

Turn Your Printer into Your Office Assistant

Looking for Your Sales Team to Close More Deals – You Need the Salesforce Xerox Connect App

According to a Salesforce Research study in November 2017, 66% of a sales rep’s time (on average) is spent on non-selling tasks.

Feel like you could be using your Salesforce account more effectively? That’s because you can! With the updated Xerox Connect App for Salesforce. This application will help you better manage your busy schedule and get the most out of your customer relationship management system.

Salesforce App:

With the application connected to your Xerox Multi-Function Devices, you will easily be able to “write it down and scan it up”. This new process will eliminate the need for manual data entry and thus any human errors that come with it. You will also be able to stay organized by directly scanning documents to their specific folders. This direct connection between your Salesforce account and Multi-Function Device will allow you the instant ability to transform all paper documents into digital files, that are accessible to you any time and anywhere.

Imagine being a sales representative out in the field. With the simple misplacement of a piece of paper, your whole meeting can be ruined. You don’t have time to go back to the office and reprint, but you do have the ability to pull up your Salesforce account and check it out. How about once you are back to the office and you’re swamped with paperwork. A week later instead of shuffling through all of your files and physical papers with the Salesforce Integration, you were able to scan each paper directly into its specific file. This allows you to save time and focus on closing more deals.

The Process:

Take your scanning process from 7 steps down to 3 with this integration.

  1. Access and print your documents all from your multifunction device
  2. Meet with your client
  3. Then directly scan documents securely to specific locations in Salesforce without the need for manual data entry or downtime

The Results:

This streamlined process will help turn your printer into an office assistant. You will no longer find yourself searching for lost client notes or realizing you input incorrect information. This application will help you spend less time documenting interactions and more time closing deals, for higher levels of productivity and success.

Get out there and get ready to close more deals.

To learn more about the Xerox Connect Applications, which devices are supported, and how to make the most out of your print environment please contact MRC Smart Technology Solutions.

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