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Is your company over spending and over-complicating the purchasing of toner?

How Much is Your Company Spending on Eggs? – A Managed Print Services Story

Have you ever thought about those staple items always on your grocery list? For example, eggs, milk, paper towels, etc. Every week you have to go back and forth to the store to get these items and that is often a pain!!  For this story we’ll use eggs…they are one of many staples! One week they are $3.00 for a dozen, the next $4.00, and sometimes $5.00!!  It’s almost impossible to predict how much they will be!! So how much time and money are you really spending on eggs?

Buying eggs should not be so stressful!  There must be a better way, right?  There must be a better way rather than going to store every week, hoping you find eggs that aren’t cracked, hoping the price hasn’t spiked, and crossing your fingers that the brand you like isn’t already picked over.  Could all this go away?? Do I have your attention?

What if there was a service that delivers eggs to your doorstep every week in perfect condition for only $3.00!  The brand you want, eggs in perfect condition at a predictable price, delivered at your doorstep.  Wouldn’t that relieve stress? Would that be way more convenient? Would that save you time? Would you ever have to worry about buying eggs again? This is exactly what Managed Print Services can do for your company…only for printers, not eggs.

What are companies doing today that is similar to the egg dilemma? They are ordering toner for their desktop printers multiple times a week. The price changes on that toner nearly every time they order.  Often times the toner never gets used and sits on the shelf collecting dust. Many times, a valuable employee has to drive to the local supply store to purchase toner. 90% of businesses are unaware of what they are spending when it comes to their desktop printer usage. This is crazy!  Furthermore, it is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unmanaged expenses that result from a Print Environment that is not being managed correctly.

Businesses today are challenged with many expenses that drive them to find cost-cutting and more efficient programs. They are forced to either reduce headcount (yikes!) or reduce overhead expenses. Managed Print Services (MPS) provide a strategy that helps you gain cost control and enhance employee productivity.

What is Managed Print Services?

An MPS program is where a partner implements systems and controls throughout a print environment to more effectively manage expenses. MPS programs provide a comprehensive snapshot of a companies current printing environment and allows for the ability to take proactive measurements when monitoring all devices. These programs actively manage and optimize any and all print-related devices within an organization to help reduce costs and make the move predictable. Managed Print Services cover a number of services:

  • Assessment: a review of the current print environment to provide recommendations for rationalization and an estimate of potential future savings. Assessments range from basic online assessments to full workflow assessments. Environmental impact analysis and document security assessments may also be included.
  • Optimization: device consolidation to improve user-to-device ratios and the development of print policies.
  • Management: continuous process improvement, quarterly business reviews, SLA monitoring, remote management, and workflow improvement.

Why is MPS Environment Awareness Important?

  • Office printing consumes 1-3% of annual revenues

Most companies do not have a process in place for monitoring print-related expenses. However, understanding your organization’s current situation gives a baseline to work with in order to contain these growing costs. What you are not measuring, you cannot manage. Resulting in many companies costs continually growing.

  • Companies not under MPS Programs have multiple vendors resulting in increased costs and managing multiple confusing invoices

Without a Managed Print Program in place, organizations are forced to use multiple vendors for their printer hardware, supplies, and services.

  • 50% of IT Help Desk Calls are printer related

Most companies are not aware of the amount of time and effort that IT Staff puts into managing print infrastructure. This is typically a result of aging printers that are untracked. Aging printers are more likely to hinder employee productivity and require more assistance from IT Staff. Many companies do not have the capabilities to track the age and usage of their printer inventory, affecting their ability to make smart business decisions regarding their print infrastructure. With a Managed Print Service Solution an organization is given the opportunity to virtually eliminate all IT Help Desk calls that are for printed related issues.

How will an MPS Assessment Benefit Your Business?

A Managed Print Service Assessment will open a window into a new portion of your business. This assessment will provide the knowledge and visibility into the total cost of operation for a company’s fleet of document output devices. This new information then allows a blueprint to be developed that will show how information flows within a business and allows the partner to make high-level recommendations on improving business processes across the whole organization. An MPS Assessment provides a simple way of paving a path towards increasing revenue and margins for an organization through the identification of inefficient printing habits and redundant technology.

So, whether you are managing your print environment, or buying eggs…there is a much better, more efficient way. Although we don’t know of any “managed egg service” providers, Managed Print Services is simple to implement for your business.

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Tim Herrick
Director of Managed Print Services

Co-Author: Jeff Mason
Senior Vice President of Sales and Service
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