Print Environment Awareness is Crucial to your Business!

Do you know the details of your print environment?
Optimize your work flow with Managed Print Solutions

What is the MRC Managed Print Services (MPS) Assessment?

Did you know that 90% of businesses do not know what they are spending on their desktop printers? This is just the tip of the iceberg. Becoming aware of your organizations print environment is the key to solving your business problems. 

Is your company facing these challenges?

  • Redundant Output Devices
  • A proliferation of Non-metered Devices
  • Multiple Suppliers resulting in Multiple Invoices
  • Expensive Print Consumables Inventory

Many companies find these issues to be commonplace. The good news is MRC has an assessment process that utilizes an industry leading Workflow Application to help you understand the total cost of your printing technology, streamline your workflows, and look for ways to help your company gain a greater ROI on your printing devices. The MRC team uses this assessment to identify numerous areas needing improvement that results in an increase in company efficiencies and reduced operational expenses.

Our workflow application will provide a landscape into your entire environment as well as insight into the applications used within your organization. This presents a great opportunity to have our team walk through your entire organization to better understand the technology and business processes that depend on the company’s technology. After our assessment, MRC will provide comprehensive feedback and analytics to your document infrastructure.

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Tim Herrick
Director of Managed Print Services


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