Misael Rivera

Congratulations to MRC's September Employee of the Month!

Congratulations to MRC’s September Employee of the Month!

This month’s winner is described as a go-getter, with a strong sense of pride and joy when it comes to taking care of our customers.

When one of our accounts began struggling with their service, a round-table discussion we held. The team determined there were” too many cooks in the kitchen,” and there needed to be one strong person to lead the charge. Everyone thought of the same person – Misael Rivera.

Misael was tasked with overseeing service requests from over 40 different locations, filter the calls through the appropriate service channels, track progress, and provide the customer with status updates and end of the week reports. He has taken on the responsibility of four different people, and now acts as the single contact point for the customer regarding service.

Misael was able to turn a negative situation into a positive one; not only earning praises from his peers, but from the account’s Director of IT. Today, he continues to strengthen the relationship and demonstrates daily through action that he is one MRC’s best.
Congratulations Misael Rivera on being September’s Employee of the Month!

Ashley Juricich
Marketing Coordinator

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